1800 two pair glasses in nc

1800 two pair glasses in nc

I bought two pairs and paid the extra $15 for the visual field test. I ordered 2 pair of glasses at America's Best in Altoona, PA, one with a designer frame, and one with a .. At least this first store in Asheville, NC the staff were apologetic.
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1800 two pair glasses in nc

1800 two pair glasses in nc - free

I went back to the store to see if anything could be done. In either and still in the case of your children or the DMV you can still refuse the exam but there will be personal consequences such as not driving but you can refuse to get the exam. Go to Costco for glasses. She walked us back to where we were supposed to meet the doctor, which was just through a hallway, and waited until someone else came to help us - her service was fantastic. They have changed hands a couple of times, but now with the 'new people', it is terrible. I was there last week to try to get into the deal. As part of our FatWallet Community, you can share deals with almost a million shoppers in our forums.

1800 two pair glasses in nc - com buses

I jumped in with my benefits and she looked at me like I was lying and said well, we'll see. When I arrived I was greeted like a long time customer. I went up to the General Manager and told her what I needed, but she didn't have a clue. He was patient and kind as he explained her options and fitted her for glasses. I have been going to this store for years!!