21 cfr 314.50 l

labeling [ 21 CFR (l)] in structured product labeling (SPL) format using the FDA automated drug registration and listing system (eLIST).
12 Pursuant to 21 CFR FDA “may” not consider an ANDA to be received if any of the deficiencies under that regulation 20 21 CFR (l.
Section (l) requires that an archival, review, and field copy of the application be submitted, including the content of labeling and all labeling and labels.

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The following general requirements apply to the submission of information within the summary under paragraph c of this section and within the technical sections under paragraph d of this section. Routine submission of other patient data from uncontrolled studies is not required. FDA will maintain guidance documents on the format and content of applications to assist applicants in their preparation. FDA will review such early submissions as resources permit.. United States Code U. Omits the proposed requirement for a first applicant to lawfully maintain a paragraph IV certification to an original patent that has been reissued, which is not being finalized see section V. This requirement may be waived by FDA for specific studies if the case report forms are unnecessary for a proper review of the study.. CIF : 2 minutes pour comprendre cost insurance and freight Enter your email address to automatically receive new posts to the FDA Law Blog via e-mail. An applicant shall submit an amended certification as an amendment to a pending application. 21 cfr 314.50 l copies of the application are required: An archival copy, a review copy, and a field OR2A4. An applicant shall submit an amended certification as an amendment to a pending application or by letter to an approved application. GPO FDSys XML Text.