30 30 ballistics 14 inch barrel

30 30 ballistics 14 inch barrel

Do any of you know what the velocity will be (approximately) The difference in 30 - 30 between a 20 inch marlin barrel and a 14 inch   Practical ballistic differences b/w barrel lengths in 30 - 30.
The regular 30 - 30 Win needs at least a 14 " barrel. With it you will . Ten inch barrels aren't long enough to get the ballistics you want in 30 - 30.
I've been developing loads in. 30 - 30 for my Uberti 1885 with it's 30" barrel In this case, it's a case of 12 to 17 fps per inch of barrel, and that may or . Handi rifle in 30 / 30 and use the loads we worked up for a 14 " Contender. Remington 12 GA 3" Magnum Slug Gel Test

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Figure that one out. Thus it was that our beloved. I may get a. My crystal ball is often quite accurate, and I say that with all modesty, but there are times when its look into the future is off by a country mile or two. Working mainly in the cool of April, barrel heating was not a big problem. So, apples to oranges…wikigadugi.org.

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