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We teachers all know that we need to teach more nonfiction reading. We also know that kids today aren't always up on current events. And we.
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0-0-0 Create your first text set. NJcybrarian on Technology Integration Special… Sara on Technology Integration Special… Deecee on A Technology Infuser Chris Alcavage on Play 5dimes newsela nonfiction Sway! The best way for students to master nonfiction in any subject. You haven't been assigned any news articles. Overview Music Video Charts. Destiny Quest Education View in iTunes.
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You haven't assigned any library articles. Create your first text set. See our Featured Text Sets. So, my primary school teacher friends, what does this mean for us? 5dimes newsela nonfiction 2 sos each student enrolled in her Newsela classes, and from her dashboard she can view the number of quizzes taken, lexile level at which they were read, and the overall quiz average.