Alexander hamilton quotes

alexander hamilton quotes

Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions of men will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice without constraint. Alexander.
Alexander Hamilton Hamilton took the lead in the funding of the states' debts by the Federal 2 2 Attributed; 3 Quotes about Hamilton; 4 External links.
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Alexander Hamilton Remarks in the New York Ratifying Convention. Cannot the like knowledge be obtained in the national legislature from the representatives of each state. It is an unquestionable truth, that the body of the people in every country desire sincerely its prosperity. Will the men composing the small States be less free than those composing the larger? But it will not follow, that because they have the power to do this in one instance, they ought to have it in every other.
alexander hamilton quotes

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In the usual progress of things, the necessities of a nation in every stage of its existence will be found at least equal to its resources. A government ought to contain in itself every power requisite to the full accomplishment of the objects committed to its care, and to the complete execution of the trusts for which it is responsible, free from every other control but a regard to the public good and to the sense of the people.. The Sacred Rights Of Mankind Are Not To Be Rummaged For Among Old Parchments Or Musty Records. He also fought for the liberty of slaves for the rest of his life. Just a warning, once you start listening to one song you will be listening Non Stop!