Cal 30 ball m2 for sale

cal 30 ball m2 for sale

m2 ball All For Sale GREEK HXP. 30 -06 M2 BALL FMJ AMMO . 30 Cal. M2 Ball (30 -06) full original box LC 1, 0, 22h 59m +.
30 -06 M1 Garand Surplus Ammunition. We specialize in Surplus Ammo to include Bulk Surplus. 30 M2 FMJ Ball, M2 AP, and M25 Tracer. We offer both USGI.
If I am at all unsure about firearm sales or transfers, I will contact the Bureau of For Sale. 30 -06 30 -06 CAL 30 BALL M2 (Sealed in spam can) 240 Rounds. cal 30 ball m2 for sale

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This is not commercial grade ammunition for your deer rifle, but actual Mil-Spec ammunition. And finally, semi-automatic operation required that the. Field Strip a Mosin-Nagant Rifle. Search Search this site:. These people are great and service is very fast. Primer end had some Ammo discolored with NO need to clean. Here's why even prominent anti-gun. Good groups, for my rifle. Some shooters have found it to be a little hot for the Garand and it doesn't shoot nearly as well as the Greek. Defensive Gun Use in the U. If I take one of these out of it's box, it'll look like it was made yesterday. What Do Brady Campaign Rankings.