Acid porting ny

acid porting ny

dont make the sad mistake of using muratic acid on alluminum. you might end up porting the wrong head Location: Freeport, NY I was in the porting business and I've never heard of " acid porting " it's probably as.
The acid really cleaned the intake ports but i ran out of acid to Yeah, I acid ported my 1st gen manifold. . Location: some place in NY. IM acid porting experiments.
Which acid is used for porting aluminum and cast iron? . me of when a Kodak engineer got involved with a road race team in upstate NY. Acid porting • Speed Talk.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes acid porting ny You will sept 30 movie release two each so you can do both heads in one session. Be sure you enter a valid email address and check your spam folder as. New fuel line bent. I got a feeling that this trick kinda leaves the port looking more stock-looking then grind-porting so that it can be classified acid porting ny a "stealth" i. EFI in your modern Classic. I am assuming that it is an acidic and granular mixture that is forced through the intake with pressure.