Comments: This enzyme is required for correct xylem specification through regulation of the lifetime of the xylem elements [3].
This enzyme is crucial for the proper functioning of xylem vessel elements in the vascular tissues of plants [3]. History. EC created modified.
ENZYME entry: EC ExplorEnz, PRIAM enzyme-specific profiles, KEGG Ligand Database for Enzyme Nomenclature.

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Use of this online version of BRENDA is free for academic research only. This enzyme is required for correct xylem specification through. With this method, the thermospermine contents in various tissues of Arabidopsis thaliana have been monitored. Commercial use or download access requires a license. UNIPROT ENTRY NAME ORGANISM NO. D'Mello is retired, Formerly of SAC Scottish Agricultural College , Edinburgh. EC

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This message will disappear when the data is sorted. Please wait a moment until the data is sorted. OF AA MOLECULAR WEIGHT[Da] SOURCE Sequence. The opposite action between thermospermine and auxin in xylem differentiation may be common in different organs and thermospermine might be required for the suppression of protoxylem differentiation. Mark a special word or phrase in this record:.