Pathfinder wizard vs sorcerer

pathfinder wizard vs sorcerer

Thread: Wizard vs. Is this 3.5 or Pathfinder? There is no real mechanical reason to play a Sorcerer over a Wizard ; the Wizard is flat out  Help me decide. Sorcerer, Wizard, Bard or warlock.
the differences between the wizard and sorcerer classes in d&d. to most d&d settings, the numbers.
I love the new Sorcerer from Pathfinder. It feels more fleshed out and not so bland. It's still not as universally useful as the wizard but I can't. pathfinder wizard vs sorcerer What do you mean by "a lot"? But that's not what I'm asking. So can anyone explain to me whats supposed to be different about these classes? Launches an ally through the air. I've gamed in almost a dozen different groups, and I have never once seen a Wizard be prepared for every contingency, or a Wizard who knows exactly what's going to happen in a day unless everyone does.