Ace 52 vs scar h

ace 52 vs scar h

That's one of the issues of the Scar - H (and ACE 52 CQB for that matter): . That is the thing that separates skilled scar users vs. everybody else.
Сегодня вас ждет первый выпуск рубрики "Противостояние". В этой рубрике будут сравниваться два ствола с очень схожими.
I love these two weapons, and I didn't find out about the ACE 52 CQB until recently. They are mostly the like G3A3 from Battlefield 3, which was  De-nerf SCAR - H and ACE 52 CQB damage - Battlelog. Here is how I run the SCAR-H. In Operation Locker this is not used as often but don't forget about single fire, the SCAR-H kicks hard, if your targets are farther away then 21 dienanh and you are not in immediate danger, think of single fire. Yet you came here for a discussion o. It had the ergonomics of a pot bellied pig. This setup is over powered and I wonder if ace 52 vs scar h will ever nerf it. You shouldn't even burst fire with it. ANALISANDO A ARMA (BF4) - ACE 52 CQB - A SCAR H DAS CARABINAS ace 52 vs scar h