Android airplane mode gps

android airplane mode gps

On the contrary, on the iPhone airplane mode disables GPS, so it on my Android phone, to get GPS in airplane mode i have to first turn on.
Is there any way to make the GPS work when the phone is in airplane mode? I don't see why the GPS should be disabled but it seems to be on  Airplane mode?.
When I put the phone into " airplane mode " it turns off all radio communications, including the GPS receiver. Is there another option somewhere. android airplane mode gps

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Or atleast until my wife makes me get off the computer. Here in New York City, my primary mode of public transportation is the subway - or "underground" as it is also known. HTC Planning On A Mobile VR Unit!. Standalone GPS devices and even bluetooth devices have been able to get a fix in less than a minute for several years now, and they've never had cell coverage. After the second offense, you will be banned. Just as an FYI to this conversation... My phone had trouble getting a fix, or never got a fix, without the cell signal on, even if the signal was weak. Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks. Your name or email address:. If they do, and GPS won't work, then it does sound like a "bug". I still had problems keeping GPS position in the back of a moving jet aircraft, but that is to be expected due to limited sky view, and high speeds. It's reasonable to believe that having a Alberta Gay enabled phone should have negligible android airplane mode gps on a plane's navigation. EDIT : I have just learned from June 2013 wikipedia page that some A-GPS device are not even capable of working in "plain old GPS" mode, the position computation being handled by a distant server access by the cellphone network Long story short, Your GPS on your phone is receive. Also - We still have an old copper-wire land line which is always on.

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African palace st louis motorsports Where wee you anyway? MacRumors News Discussion archive. Glad you were able to figure this one out - and that you found your way home on that occasion. Cellular signals may be coming soon to airplanes. Contact Us Android Forums at Top. I don't really understand.
Android airplane mode gps No, create an account. Requests to the tower to turn off high-power transmitters, like radar and VHFduring takeoff and landing would not be well-received:. In the case of other aircraft, the determination may be made by the. You must log in or sign up to post. Please select a forum to jump to. You, of course, must be connected to Wifi to be able to use GPS, since there are no other radios it can connect to.