1400 AD

1400 AD

Casa di San Giorgio, one of the first public banks, founded in Genoa. Henry V defeats French at Agincourt. Jan Hus, Bohemian preacher and.
Year 1400 (MCD) was a leap year starting on Thursday of the Julian calendar. Events[edit]. January–December[edit]. January – Henry IV of England quells the  Years ‎: ‎ 1397 ‎; ‎ 1398 ‎; ‎ 1399 ‎; ‎ 1401 ‎; ‎ 1402 ‎; ‎ 1403.
Consolidation of populations and incipient political centralization characterize the period, particularly in the Eastern Woodlands and the Southwest. The success.

1400 AD - 888

Moundville in Alabama becomes less residential while maintaining its ceremonial functions, and eventually experiences a loss of population and wealth. Jar with Four Faces. Convinced on studying Saint Paul that salvation is achieved through faith alone, he questions the validity of an organized church and is particularly enraged at the sale of indulgences the temporal remission of punishment in Purgatory. The son of a goldsmith, Schongauer takes the medium of engraving to unprecedented heights. What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Wikidata item Cite this page.

1400 AD - contesting will

Jar with Four Faces. It is here that professor of theology Martin Luther sets in motion the events leading to the Protestant Reformation , rejecting the authority of a corrupt clergy and asserting that of the Scriptures themselves. The Christian armies were led by Hunyadi who acheived two important victories, the first at the battle of Hermanstadt, and then at the battle of Nissa in which the Ottomans are driven from Bulgaria. Spurred by appeals from the Byzantine emperor Alexios Komnenos and reports of difficulties from Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land, the West launches a military campaign to wrest the holy city of Jerusalem from Muslim control. The Capetian kings foster national unity through the use of one language. With strident chromatic contrasts, the interior is as luminous as the exterior is dark.