20 new shekel banknote

20 new shekel banknote

The banknotes in the Third Series of the New Shekel carry the portraits of . Bank of Israel issued for the first time, on April 13, NIS 20 banknotes made of.
10 New Sheqel 1987 (Golda Meir; synagogue gathering), [Picture & Info]. 20 New Sheqalim 1993 (Moshe Sharett; Herzliya High), [Picture & Info].
The banknotes in the new series incorporate advanced standards of security, innovation and accessibility. They are distinguished by color and length. A variety.

20 new shekel banknote - free

One horizontal line in intaglio ink at the top left of the note. Add items to your wallet. Two horizontal lines in intaglio ink at the top left of the note. Simultaneously, a horizontal bar can be seen moving up and down. On the upper right, in light-colored numerals printed against a dark background. The Governor thanked the members of the Committee, chaired by Judge Turkel, for the time they devoted to this matter and for their recommendations. Reverse: Jerusalem skyline and Eastern European small Jewish town.
Tchernichovsky is considered one of the great Hebrew poets. Left: Autographed picture of Shaul. Add items to your online wallet to discover how much you will receive. Customer Care My Account. Herod's Gate [ Picture. Repeat these steps for any other notes and coins you want to. 20 new shekel banknote

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