Connect 4 dice game

connect 4 dice game

Hello! This is a very engaging math facts practice game using the basic " connect 4 " rules. Students try to get 4 pieces in a row on the game board by rolling.
of ideas. | See more about Activities, Strategy games and Board game themes. Connect Four ~ Build a giant backyard four in a row game. Save Roll two dice (1-6 and subtract the numbers, cover the difference with a marker.
Connect 4. To play the game you will need: A game board, four regular dice, different colored markers for each player. Playing the game: The goal is to be the. connect 4 dice game I will not give it away for free so I only need one license! No matter their age or skill level, they can play this game with you. Aimee Primarily Speaking Reply. I love all these games. PRODUCT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS:. ADD TO WISH LIST. Courtney Polka Dot Lesson Plans.

Connect 4 dice game - digital

These are so great! Follow on Instagram Latest From Facebook. Another of my favorite games is Numbers Undercover and Doubles Undercover. So much fun and practice rolled into one. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. To play, students take turns rolling two dice and adding the numbers. The rules of the game are easy to learn, but difficult to master.