10m band

10m band

If you refer to amazingly informative website wikigadugi.org, you'll find this about the 10m band: >10 METERS CW Rare.
my favorite band .. the 10 meter band from - khz - CW - Digital.
10 Metres, 28.0 – 10 metres is by far the widest of the HF bands and can seem very empty during the years of sunspot minima. However, there. Level II - Sub-Band Divisions. Post a Trucking Job. Solid state electronics, 10m band mount technology SMT and microprocessors have taken over newer ham radio equipment. Many new hams are now for the first time enjoying the thrills of daily long distance DX contacts with low power and relatively small antennas. I just figure, "lucky him," because he got there .
10m band

10m band - bejeweled

I think we are both missing each others points. What is the considerate thing to do? It is almost like having a scanner that you can talk on. New to Ham Radio? Although a couple of times the other station i contacted requested we move and thats not a big deal. It's the proper thing to do. When you use "CQ DX", this tell the local stations within your country that you are trying for OTHER countries. President Lincoln II 10m Band Transceiver

10m band -

Miscellaneous and experimental modes. Just selecting a frequency with your VFO and expecting it to "be on frequency" every time may not work in all cases due to variances between some ham transceiver calibrations. Many are butchered so badly that they are worthless as a ham band transceiver! CW Ham Stations wishing to contact Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society pse use this freq. MOST ARE MADE FROM WIRE! Suddenly I start hearing an already ongoing QSO, a bit faint, but starting to get stronger, from New York.