1600s in South Africa

1600s in South Africa

European's settle in South Africa for the first time and begin to further colonize and trade with the Khoikhoi at the cape, by the middle this century the first Khoikhoi-Dutch war is fought and slavery is entrenched. Jan van Riebeeck, who is subsequently appointed by the VOC to.
Demise of the Songhai Empire; European rivalry; Queen Nzinga; South Africa and the Dutch; the east coast.
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The growth of the settler community soon led to expansion. However, their wealth and prosperity would prove short-lived in the face of increasingly aggressive European migration into the interior. His crew in the vessel Voerman are to explore the coast of Natal. Discover in a free daily email today's famous history and birthdays. The residents smelted iron. Their purpose is to establish a secure fort, to acquire cattle from the Khoikhoi and to develop a vegetable garden to provision passing Dutch ships. The Dutch East India Company establishes a refreshment station at Table Micromon all starter evolutions. Allow others to duplicate this prezi. The Thembu, Mpondo and Mpondomise and Xhosa kingdoms formed and 1600s in South Africa well established. Free burghers and slaves. The VOC unilaterally establishes price controls over hides, skins, ivory and ostrich eggs, thereby provoking more conflict with the indigenous population and the "illicit" dealing in these commodities. Sir Thomas Roe attempts to land some deported British criminals at the Cape, but those who are not drowned or killed by Khoikhoi are soon removed from the Cape and the scheme is abandoned. A survivor, Leendert Janszen, is instructed to remain behind with some crew to look after the cargo. 1600s in South Africa

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