Winning 20 card keno strategy video

winning 20 card keno strategy video

Even the low wins will be multiplied by the amount of cards that the repeated numbers The following 20 - card keno video illustrates this better.
It's a 5 card pattern, four 5 spots and a 4 spot for support set up in each o This is how I set up my cards to.
But, more important than simply being able to mark more than one card, multi - card keno games opened up play to strategy ; that is, players now undertook. If you play keno, you really should give them a try. Did you get my email the charts? That's why we play Keno. Best of all, you're more likely to win bigger jackpots by using balanced winning combinations across multiple cards. Life is casino, Jim. Home 777 slots for free Products Subscribe. He had a friend who worked in the casino as a slot tech and after hearing my friends hard luck story went over to a keno machine, opened it up when no one was around, fiddled with it for a minute or so, closed it up and told him to play nine numbers.

Winning 20 card keno strategy video - official

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multi card Keno jackpot winning 20 card keno strategy video