505 (dinghy)

505 (dinghy)

International site for the 505 class. The 505 is a fast, fun and exciting, two person high performance spinnaker trapeze planing dinghy raced in over 20 countries.
World Sailing Status, International. Type, Centreboard Boat. No. of Crew, 2. Designer, John Westell. National Origins, Great Britain / France. Hull Material, GRP.
You may have heard that are some of the most well-made dinghy's around. Many can stay competitive for an indefinite period of.
A Guide To 505 High Performance Racing Dinghy

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Burton open and training. Retrieved from " wikigadugi.org? Connect to Sailing Partners. Skip to main content. At present Rondar Raceboats is the most prolific builder, producing wet-layup hulls on a semi-production basis. Womens Match Worlds News. With a big spinnaker and conventional pole, gybing in a breeze is a particularly challenging manoeuver and pulling it off consistently is the defining "rite of passage" between novice and skilled crews.

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But you can get that in any class. International Secretary: Stuart Turnbull. Ran into a road block when my brother used the boat, while getting a tow back into the harbor ran into the back of the outboard punching a hole in the bow. Burton Sprints Burton SC. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 505 (dinghy)