Alaska bigfoot stories and sightings

alaska bigfoot stories and sightings

The story includes a rough sketch of the purported sasquatch. Bigfoot sightings are no rarity in Alaska, and the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta has.
I want to share with everyone a sighting of a Bigfoot that a friend of mine had. “ Tim” isn't a story teller and there is nothing for him to gain by sharing his story.
It's pretty fascinating to me that some encounters can happen close to home. I always view Bigfoot sightings as being something that happens. They later went on to capture this creature, cage it and feed it. Website Powered By Stellaractive. One night while I was in the kitchen making dinner for everyone, my wife decided to log into our Xbox live account so the girls could watch something on Netflix. Cable is just too much of a money dump. However in Washington state I used to live Mount St.

Freecell: Alaska bigfoot stories and sightings

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Alaska bigfoot stories and sightings 278
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