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Rin and Len duets that other producers begin to make duets out of the other Vocaloids (Later on, there are duets from Miku and Luka, Miku and Kaito etc etc).
Hola a todos. Aqui trate de hacer que la voz me suene como la verdadera, aunque supongo que no quedo tan malXD. Espero les agrade y si  Missing: kuroba ‎ pajama.

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But she wishes she had a better job. She's in danger, but it's not her life she's worried about…yet. Aku merona, dia tersenyum. Recycle Bin and Salvage. Upaya pencegahan Len agar Rin tidak berkembang. Browse More Like This. I have been taking a break for a very long time and I have little to no interest in Yandere Simulator and MMD.

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So when conceited, rich, and cocky Len Kagamine gets dumped into her life, how exactly does this 'peace' change? Comic and Browser Stats. Dan usahanya memang terbukti tidak tidak sia-sia. After being shot, Kagome wakes up from a coma,helpless, with no motor skills, speech or memory. Syndicate The List RSS. Sakura hates thunderstorms with all her heart. Not allowed to: sell in any way, claim as yours, re-post without credits. Well, until their teacher decides that Syaoran is going to tutor Sakura before school everyday. Inuyasha doesn't want Kagome to go back home to study. So what does she do? Marisa Stole The Precious Thing - IOSYS [I WILL STEAL YOUR PRECIOUS THING, BITCH] WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO? Who could want to arrest the young time traveler? Len pernah berjanji akan selalu berada di sisi Kagamine Rin.
ShokoMell presents. Kaito Shion - Alice in Dreamland/ Кайто Шион - Алиса в Стране Снов (рус.саб)