All about memory slots in compaq

all about memory slots in compaq

Most HP and Compaq notebook computers are designed to install or upgrade the memory is excluded from coverage under the product warranty. The customer assumes all risk and liability for damages for.
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Crucial Memory and SSD upgrades - 100% Compatibility Guaranteed for upgrade for HP - Compaq Series (All form factors) system.

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Memory modules also come as Buffered and none Buffered which is also called Parity or none Parity, They can't be mixed you have to use either or. I beleive HP requires the memor be installed in pairs. Memory is located in the memory module compartment located on the bottom of most HP notebook computers. Don't buy name brand proprietary computers they stick it to you. Version of Windows XP.. Will post back if anything definite is found. NOTE: Do not touch the gold connectors where the module is inserted into the holder. Memory or DRAM is the "working" memory of the computer. Increasing memory would mean putting two more matching sticks of ram in the two available empty slots. You might also want to consider a performance issue: your PC may have dual channel capability. HP Offers both Intel and AMD chips, so check with the Intel and AMD websites for memory compatibility as well as the manufacturer of the motherboard that HP used. I hope installing additional memory will solve my problem. ECS Elitegroup Computer Desktop Memory. A regular memory chip will not be recognized.
all about memory slots in compaq How to upgrade the memory in the HP Compaq NW9440 Part 2