Honda 100 hand slap

honda 100 hand slap

Edmond Honda (エドモンド 本田, Edomondo Honda), more commonly known as E. Honda, is a . GamesRadar said "E. Honda's signature Hundred Hand Slap has become one of the most feared and iconic moves in beat-'em-ups", however.
the 100 in season 3 when he slapped the gun out of her hand skdkdksjsjsjdk like? they're like 70% of the time sibling-annoyed with E. Honda 100 hand slap.
E. Honda hundred hand slaps machine - Duration: Kevin Baigan 156 views · Snake Eyes (Zangief. Honda became upset that the rest of the world did not view sumo wrestling with the reverence of the Japanese. Paul Dobson Street Fighter animated series. The actual answer is, of course, buy a stick. Softest hands in Texas. In his backstory in Street Fighter IIE. Create a book Download as PDF Printable version. Honda Variant Exclusive - Video Game Figures".
honda 100 hand slap

Honda 100 hand slap - contestgirl

Contents [ show ]. Create your own and start something epic. Now simply place your thumb over the left side of the face buttons and starting on LP x roll your thumb X Y A X Y - lp-hp-mp-lp-hp ,start on B for cr mk hands. Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. Like Balrog, he has a personal grudge against Shadaloo, who ruined his reputation as a sumo though no details on how are given. One side has the word, one side has the definition. Please only just answers.