Hp color laserjet 1600 51.23 error 0x80004005

Hp Color Laserjet Error Displayed 9z. Error is .. DB: Laserjet 1600 Error a3.
I get a noise and then the message to turn the printer off to reset. What is wrong? -.
I have a hp laserjet and it is showing an error message . The book says to shut it off for at least 30 sec and then try starting it up  Missing: 1600 ‎. How to replace Fuser Assembly: HP Color LaserJet 2600n printer

Hp color laserjet 1600 51.23 error 0x80004005 - contestants

Hope this tip helps:.. I found the solution myself. Reselect the printer driver. Problem is when printing the lcd is showing "printing document" but nothing happens for a while and I get a PCL XL Error.. I would like to help. Where I can download the UNIX driver? Non HP black installed. This seems to be a commercial product. Windows will reinstall the drivers. Personally I'd just do a fresh XP install but this is a work computer and has essential software that cannot be reinstalled. A screen pops up to prompt to connect the USB cable.