Two player games for xbox 360

two player games for xbox 360

Any suggestions for good two player games? Not two player as in over t'internet. Rather something for me and my missus to play together.
Hey guys me and my friends are trying to find a good 2 -4 Xbox 360 game (or arcade) that we all can play. Any suggestions? RPG Games with 2 player local Co-op on XBOX 360 - General.
These games feature great zombie-killing fun. In split screen mode, two players can play together. In versus mode, four people can play at the.
two player games for xbox 360 Rage FPS Co-op Missions that are really fun but it'll only take a few hours to beat it all. So this game would be great to rent or borrow, but definitely not buy. I've made a list with brief descriptions of the games to help you pick which ones you'd like to try. It trips me out when a zombie jumps on me from behind lol its crazy. Thanks all, these suggestions will help 92612 ton! 9 Awesome 4-Player Co-op Games