Ahoy matey meaning

ahoy matey meaning

Murder Among THe Mateys Here are 5 words or phrases that no pirate can live without. Ahoy! -. “Hello!” Avast! - A command meaning stop or desist.
Top Definition. ahoy. 1: Used to hail a ship or a person or to attract attention 2. Ahoy. Another nautical expression. Ahoy, mateys! (Usually said by a pirate).
Matey definition, comrade; chum; buddy. See more.

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Ahoy matey meaning Sailing Alone Around The World. Where do you go for good live music? Nautical Baby Shower Invitations. A cry used to attract ships. Slang words and meanings Meaning of FAR AND NEAR FAR AND NEAR means: Far and near is London Cockney rhyming slang for beer. Christmas Ahoy matey meaning Shower Invitations.
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Tags: Slang Meaning 77 (band) Ahoy, matey. Matey or Me hearty - A piratical reference towards a shipmate or a friend. I threw up a light at once and heard the hail, "Spray, ahoy! Example: "Ahoy there matey come on aboard me ship". Plunder - To pillage wikigadugi.org seize booty without wikigadugi.org like a friendly game o' Crossbones! Christmas Baby Shower Invitations. The Urban Dictionary Mug. ahoy matey meaning