All free games on 3ds eshop

all free games on 3ds eshop

You can find them in the Nintendo eShop right on your system. Get two friends together and you can all try the multiplayer fun of three heroes with a free demo.
Hello, just got a 3ds xl, but I'm stuck at work. I was just curious if the eshop has any free games at all to download? Doesn't matter if they are.
POKEMON, Super Smash Bros and many more. There's something for everyone in Nintendo's big eShop giveaway. Pokemon Rumble World beat-em-up with heavy RNG. Topic Archived You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. If I had to I'd probably get Majora's Mask but that's only if nobody can help me get Mario Kart from it. Nintendo Anime Channel europe. When submitting a deal, please follow this format for your title, when possible:.