Artificial Intelligence: AI

Artificial Intelligence: AI

Insurance firm Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is making 34 employees redundant and replacing them with IBM's Watson Explorer AI.
Key milestones in the evolution of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics.
Adventure Jude Law and Ashley Scott in A.I. Artificial Intelligence Steven Spielberg and Haley Joel Osment in A.I. Artificial Intelligence Jude Law and Haley.
Do Artificial Intelligence: AI do this to make David happy? So we end up with the structureless, meandering, slow-motion endlessness of Kubrick combined with the fuzzy, cuddly mindlessness of Spielberg. David is captured for an anti-Mecha "Flesh Fair", an event where obsolete and unlicensed Mecha are destroyed in front of cheering crowds. Most Popular by Genre. Skip to main content. Artificial Intelligence: AI

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Research into artificial intelligence is as old as computers themselves. It is a high-tech relative of technologies like paper, which provides a portable, reliable memory, or the abacus, which aids mental arithmetic. When a group of bits in a neural net are found to trigger a pattern—the image of an eye, for instance—that result is moved up to another level in the neural net for further parsing. At that moment, Joe is captured by the authorities with the use of an electromagnet, but he sets the amphibicopter on submerge. Earlier neural networks, moreover, had only a limited appetite for data.

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The simplest computer can run rings around the brightest person when it comes to wading through complicated mathematical equations. Dr Ng, now at Baidu, thinks good speech-recognition programs running on smartphones could bring the internet to many people in China who are illiterate, and thus struggle with ordinary computers. This movie caused me to lose my religion. But until recently, the typical computer processor could only ping one thing at a time. Turning those rules into a program is then pretty simple.