South african sunset clause music

south african sunset clause music

This is not uncommon in the South African music industry as you'll often . management contracts include what is known as a “ Sunset clause ”.
are shown in italics with notes on the clauses in normal type. THE CONTRACT. 1. .. In the US it is known as the ' sunset clause '. Many managers years if the song was written when the author was 15 and he/she died at the age of 95. . manager is in. South Africa and the artist is in Australia and funds are needed quickly.
These are known as sunset clauses. Make sure that they are only for a short period (maybe 3 -5 years) and that the percentages of commission. What are you looking for? Other sticking points included minority rights, decisions on a unitary or federal state, property rights, and indemnity from prosecution for politically motivated crimes. Part of a series on. For more information please refer to the Musician's Business Dictionary's User Agreement, which can be viewed. Take Her to a Concert A Pocket Revolution For Musicians Seeking Musicians The Beginner's Burning Man Checklist. Conversely, a band can outgrow a local or regional manager and require a new one to continue expanding their audience effectively.