Alaska rabies law

alaska rabies law

Alaska. 7 Alaska Admin. Code By, or under the direct supervision of, a licensed veterinarian; rabies vaccination type of rabies vaccine. Colorado.
The Alaska SPCA affordable drop-in vaccination clinic offers preventive care at lower Rabies. Distemper/Parvo. Bordetella. AVID Microchip. Muni Dog License.
The Office of the State Veterinarian is responsible for the prevention, control and eradication of animal diseases in all animals in the state including livestock and. Resources for Healthcare Providers. No license shall be required for any dog which is. Internal Medicine diplomate and the state veterinarian. The date of vaccination, name of. I spoke with Dr.

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Board had voted to put one into law. We have taken pains to. Required immunization of dogs, cats, and. The owner of the dog will be responsible for. Contact AVMA Careers Help Site Map Privacy Terms of Use. Iowa Department of Agriculture. Immunization Requirements for Dog Licensure. alaska rabies law