10% of 118-52-5

10% of 118-52-5

Synonym: DCDMH, NSC NSC Empirical Formula (Hill Notation): Molecular.
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as dopants in zinc sulfide pigments used at levels up to 10 % by weight in plastic cups, plates . ) and (CAS Reg.

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Links on this page:. The finished polymer will be used in contact with all foods at room temperature and below in repeat-use applications only. Search and display hints:. Please note that the latest information on the storage temperature for the products is described on our website. Sign Up for Santa Cruz Animal Health news and announcements. CDC twenty four seven. NONE of these words:. Search the Pocket Guide. Chemical Names, Synonyms and Trade Names. Wash skin: When contaminated. Choose a field to search. Email address is required. 10% of 118-52-5 118-5

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F - Miscellaneous Notes. The search results also includes terms not shown on this page, but included in the full record on the detail page. ANY of these words:. Browse By Product Category. Important additional information about respirator selection See also. Used as components of pressure sensitive adhesives.