1700 in Canada

1700 in Canada

1700, Deaths 1700: January 12, 1700 - Died Marguerite Bourgeoys 1700), founder of the the Congregation de Notre Dame at Montreal.
After Lescarbot returns to France, he writes the first history of Canada. . 1700, Horses come to the northern plains, and the region's Native people become.
Slaves Put to Work at Cadillac's Fort Pontchartrain In the ambitious French fur-trader and colonizer Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac established Fort. 1700 in Canada

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Confusingly called the New North West Company, it is nicknamed the XY Company from the way it differentiates its bales from those of its competitor. The networks were created as soon the first Macintosh computers and IBM personal computers were available. She was not able to practice, though, because Quebec Bar refused to admit her, who end up working as a legal clerk. The Seven Years War between Great Britain and France begins, fought partly in their North America colonies. Hurricane Hazel kills almost seven dozen people in Toronto. Igor Gouzenko defects from the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa and reveals the existence in Canada of a Soviet spy network. Empress of Ireland sinks in the St. Jacques Tooele Army Depot was the. The war in the Persian Gulf starts. Louise McKinney is the first woman in Canada to be elected to a provincial legislature when she won a seat in Alberta. The air force, army, and navy are unified as the Canadian Armed Forces. Gold is discovered in the Klondike. Louisbourg surrenders to the English for second time.

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A feeling of independence continues to grow. Omar Roberts poured gasoline on Elora Gray and set fire to her and his house in Kemptville, Nova Scotia, because she had turned down his marriage proposal and was in love with another man. Silver is discovered in Cobalt, Ontario, along with cobalt and nickel. Ten provincial premiers and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney agree to the Meech Lake Accord, which would make large changes to Canada's Constitution and address Quebec's concerns. Canadian forces join the multinational forces in the battle to drive Saddam Hussein's Iraqi troops from Kuwait. Jolliet and Marquette reach the Mississippi.