2013�1314 Copa del Rey

La Copa del Rey de Fútbol 2013 -14 fue la edición número 110 de dicha competición española. .png. Kit right arm .png.
The 2013 –14 season was the season in Real Madrid Club de Fútbol's history and their They also entered the Copa del Rey in the round of 32.
La Final de la Copa del Rey de fútbol 2013 -14, se disputó el 16 de abril de 2014 en el Estadio Kit right arm .png · Kit wikigadugi.org. Ejea de los Caballeros Zaragoza. During the press conference, Rosell announced, "After evaluating the results from the routine check-ups, which Tito Vilanova underwent this week, he was presented with the option to continue treatment to control his illness which will make it impossible to continue his responsibilities as the first team manager of the senior. Referee: Fernando Teixeira Vitienes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Espanyol v Real Madrid. Referee: Carlos Delgado Ferreiro. Retrieved from " wikigadugi.org?