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3 Came to Stanton Optical get brand new glasses. Gave it a try and . They don't tell you that it's only for the cheap frames only not including the actual I got the impression from their reaction this kind of thing happens all the time there. .. Stanton Optical promised $78 out the door for two pairs of glasses and an.
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Two years ago I got my first pair of real glasses, as opposed to simple And my wife insisted I get some kind of repair warranty. . I know the frames were shit and the lenses were cheap, but if one can get by on a pair of . Location: Las Vegas, NV The plastic lenses cost 3 times as much as a hard drive?.
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Nothing fancy with the prescription, scratch and glare proof I think. They even cleaned up my glasses, and its like a brand new pair now! The trial free contracts gave me a reaction then causing pink eye. They are also saying that they cannot guarantee that they will give me the prescription, leaving me out in the cold with nothing for this exam despite the money I paid, with no prescription and no contact lenses. Luckily, my insurance covers most of it, but still. No problem with the frames, and the lenses have never scratched. I don't know how much of the glasses market is like me though. Originally Posted by campp. Find all posts by JRDelirious. The next morning I took them back and they checked the prescription it was put in the computer wrong. To top it all. Service can't keep up with the needs of the customers and they are rude.