5 7 would recommend to

5 7 would recommend to

You can also comment with the phrase [answered] to flair your post. and even uses the 5 / 7 reference to troll Brendan further in other posts.
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5 / 7 refers to a rating for the 1999 drama film Fight Club shown in a but when Brendan seems like he just can 't get rid of Rob politely, I do start  ‎ Brendan Sullivan Facebook Post · ‎ 5/7 Uploaded by Firebug · ‎ Imgur · ‎ Rob. Dead Rising 5 day & 7 day survivor Achievement 5 7 would recommend to

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Nevermind, let it pass... Although on the other hand Rob does kinda come off as the "le edgy" kid who thinks he is smarter than everyone else because he goes on the Internet and thinks he is doing the right thing by "correcting" Brendan which comes off after a while just as equally annoying as Brendan himself, and anyone who is annoyed by Brendan's idiocracy could just unfriend him. Your take on news around the world. Or did I get something wrong? Get us in your feed.. The dark knight rises. Be the character you love.

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Fear to the limit of fun. Check out the reddiquette page for more info. Users are coming to OOTL for straightforward, simple answers because of the nuance that engaging in conversation supplies. Be the character you love. This is a great post.
You don't need expensive or pirated software for something this simple. But I get your point, and concede you might be right. This has to be one of the funniest things I've read this week. Sign up with your Email Address Have an account? DailyFailCentral Funny Pictures Updated Daily. Include context to better illustrate your question, such as links to reddit comments, tweets or youtube videos, etc, in the textbox.