Ace line hauler brutus 40 scotty

ace line hauler brutus 40 scotty

The Ace Line Hauler BRUTUS is the most efficient, easiest to use, and (not included) Plugs into Scotty electrical socket - year 2008 or newer.
Ace Line Hauler Operation, Brutus Ace Line Hauler, Crab Pot Puller, Shrimp Pot Puller.
Ace Line Hauler Brutus Max Torque Pot Trap Pullers Crab Crabs Shrimp Shrimps Vancouver Island Fishing Brutus Plus 40.

Ace line hauler brutus 40 scotty - carbon

Rating: Click on Stars To Rate. But, again, under normal operations mine has been just fine.. Bait Rigging Tools From The Fly Zone. Clear the Decks Sale. Click on the base plate image or Power Cord image to enlarge either image. Just got ours before shrimp'n this year and decided on it based on the small percentage of time it will be used. The Ace fits perfect on a scotty swivel base. Thanks again for the input. If it will allow me to have a puller on board and shrimp during times I otherwise would not be able to that is the key. I am needing some opinions on this set up as a shrimp pot puller. Accommodates most line sizes. ace line hauler brutus 40 scotty ace line puller