Sword of alexander dc

sword of alexander dc

Has anyone seen this, somewhat surprising, tidbit? Whenever a mention of Alexander is made, I still lean forward with heightened interest.
I just watched BvS again and i noticed that the Sword of Alexander and Watchmen), animated DC films (ex: Batman: Under the Red Hood).
The Sword of Athena, is a magical armament that Princess Diana wields in battle when fighting as. sword of alexander dc

Sword of alexander dc - mgogift

In the end, she agrees, but Lex has already abandoned her. She came and protect Batman, both woman care for men and have a warrior spirit. The damage to Vic is even greater than the comics usually depict, leaving him with a mainly-artificial body. Hollywood loves to dump 'actual' intel in a fictionalized setting. List of DCEU Films. Has anyone seen this, somewhat surprising, tidbit? I thought it was just a nod.