Best 4 player ps3 games online

best 4 player ps3 games online

18 replies 8625 views Edited Aug 4, d. I like Co-op.. prefer offline (playing with someone who is next to you is more fun) but online is ok.
And if you're a PS3 owner you likely game online already and there The best multiplayer PS3 games you should be playing . Battlefield 4 is bigger and more explosive than any other installment. Destiny: The Taken King is easily one of the most popular releases in 2015 and the player base continues.
Well only 2 more months till it's gonna be the best 4 Co Op game out player Campaign with up to 8 people online 4 on one PS3 and 4 on.

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Check here for more information. This game really is a step into the next generation of console multiplayer and has hundreds, if not thousands of hours of things to do. No online mode though. Players begin by creating a character of a certain class, ranging from Gladiators and Marauders to Archers and Rogues — each offering unique combat and magic abilities. Source: Ubisoft No one wants to keep things serious all the time. Also, Karting games like the two Sonic ones and Modnation are pretty fun. Source: Insomniac Games For most of its history, the Ratchet and Clank series has been primarily a solo affair. best 4 player ps3 games online