Best arena 8 decks

best arena 8 decks

Hello guys (and gals)! I am GhastlyDestroyr from the clan A Kings Ransom and this is my first time submitting a deck. I have been having great success with this.
This arena 8 deck counters the royal giant really well, and it crushes sparky and I still think it is the best in this spot, but tesla is really close.
Made it to Arena 8 Frozen Peak in Clash Royale with this deck! Subscribe Today! ▻ Clash. A super Trifecta combo! Demolish those towers and buildings! Try to use this combo if you want to annihilate a mortar or any other building cards on the ground. If they manage to get passed beyond the bridge. Here I first defend my own tower with barbarians. Once the high HP troop is locked on to the cannon, deploy the Hog Rider in the other lane. Clash Royale - "BEST DECK TO GET TO LEGENDARY ARENA" - WITH PROOF! (NO LEGENDARY CARDS)

Best arena 8 decks - treasure

If you play this right after your opponent drops and elixir collector he has no way to defend it. Then hopefully some of them will target the wizard first instead of the RG as well. CLICK OR TAP HERE OR ON THE IMAGE ABOVE TO PROCEED TO THE BEST CLASH ROYALE ICE SPIRIT DECKS The faster the better! How to Level up Fast. Quickly do a Fireball at the tower.
best arena 8 decks