1914 Tour de France

1914 Tour de France

Philippe Thys came to the 1914 Tour with one idea in mind: to defend his Tour de France title. And he did. Attacking from the gun, Thys won the opening stage.
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1914 Tour de France winner – Philippe Thys took the lead in the first stage. The Story of the 1914 Tour de France (June 28 – July 26). The Tour.
1914 Tour de France

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PLAY FREE SLOTS ONLINE SLOT MACHINES VIDEO GAMES Also check out the pump on the seat tube—back then, riders still did their own maintenance. How dopers stole the best years of my career. Thys was firmly in the lead. Pinging is currently not allowed. Bike Gears — How They Work.
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Philippe Thys took the lead in the first stage and held it to the end. In that stage, Ali Neffati was hit by a car from the organization, and could not continue. Fabio Felline solos to victory at Trofeo Laigueglia. If you enjoyed it we hope you will consider purchasing the book, either print or electronic. Christmas decorations in Zagreb.

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Bottom: Pelissier and Oscar Egg together on the Tortes. The rules stated that a rider had to repair any mechanical issues himself without any outside help. Legends of the Tour. He had the lead and was strong. Cloud suburb of Paris. He chose to buy a new one, rather than try to repair it. In all sources, Thys is recorded as leader after the first stage, which he won, but from the second to the fifth stage, they are marked as joint leaders.