Blackjack dealer ace showing

blackjack dealer ace showing

Dealers play by a different set of black jack rules than the players. An Ace in a dealer's hand is always counted as 11, if possible without the dealer going over.
I can't figure out if the dealer knows his hidden card or not? Of course, when dealer has 10 or Ace showing, he checks if he's got a blackjack.
Blackjack expert Henry Tamburin tells why you should hit your 12 against a dealer's 2, frustrating hands in blackjack is being dealt a 12 when the dealer shows a 2 upcard. You could also be dealt a soft 12, which happens to be Ace - Ace.
March or April best month for waking in las vegas. Most professional players have their own basic blackjack strategy to guide them when would be the best time to stand and blackjack dealer ace showing would be the best time to hit. Though some games DO have special rules if the house hand is particularly bad. They pay even money on a blackjack. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Pet Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas. My flashing blackjack dealer strategy shows what to do in any situation where the dealer accidentally exposes his hole card. How to Be a Blackjack Dealer : What is a Natural Blackjack? blackjack dealer ace showing