Leccinum aurantiacum

Leccinum aurantiacum

Leccinum aurantiacum, is a species of fungus in the genus Leccinum. It is found in forests of Europe, North America and Asia and has a large, characteristically  ‎ Description · ‎ Distribution and habitat · ‎ Use · ‎ Similar species.
Leccinum aurantiacum is probably a European species, and no records are known from North America. The descriptions of L. aurantiacum in North American.
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The species has a grayish brown pileus that lacks overhanging marginal flaps, a distinctively yellowing stipe surface, brown to black scabers, and bluing context in the stipe base. Do you know of any mycologists in the Lander WY area, I find none nor is there a club. No collections are held in NY or TENN, and no sequences labeled Leccinum ponderosum have been deposited in GenBank. Documentation of micromorphology is not as rigorous as in other species described by the authors, and several dimensions and staining reactions are missing. The association between fungus and host tree is mycorrhizal. I think they are more common in our southern states than the Northeast. Leccinum aurantiacum

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He would be in a position to put you in touch with someone who has an interest in the same area of research that you are interested in. Collections of Leccinum aurantiacum under Quercus usually have deeper cap colour and reddish squamules on the stipe. Leccinum aurantiacum Within the past decade or so the orange-capped Leccinum aurantiacum has been reported to often cause Gastro-Intestinal distress. Most mushroom collectors know that the skin can be the leading cause of GI in some, not ALL Boletes mostly suillus. Note the colours of the stipe.