Acade bomberman jetters anime

acade bomberman jetters anime

Characters appearing in the anime, Bomberman Jetters.
Bomberman Jetters (ボンバーマンジェッターズ, Bonbāman Jettāzu) is a 2002 Japanese anime . Mechadoc and Bagular went to the same science academy back in their younger days, and Mechadoc blames Bagular for stealing his ideas about.
Bomberman Jetters is the video game adaption of the Bomberman Jetters anime. Mujoe and MechaDoc.

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The more balloons you take. He can also shoot lightning or fire as well as stretch out at you. Go north to the. Eventually Thunder Bomber starts dashing. Stay away from his claws,. Bomberman Jetters Anime OST Track #6: Mighty & Shirobon's Theme
acade bomberman jetters anime