American Football League (1946)

American Football League (1946)

For four seasons, from 1946 through American football fans had two major leagues to follow. In addition to the National Football League.
1946 AAFC Season · 1946 NFL ; Player Stats . League Total, 4.6, 368, 181, 133, 187, 6.7, 487.
1946. Eastern Division. Team. W. L. T. PCT. New York Yankees. 10. 3. 1. Brooklyn Dodgers. 3. 10. 1. Buffalo Bisons. 3. 10. 1.

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American Football League (1946) 591
American Football League (1946)

American Football League (1946) - team game

There was even a sense that collegians could defeat pros. Hall of Fame Village Sports Complex. He had good reason: the Yankees had displaced the Giants as New York's premier baseball team after moving into The House That Ruth Built , three rival football leagues had planted teams there hoping to duplicate that feat, and Topping of Anaconda Copper was significantly wealthier than Mara. Hall of Famers in the Super Bowl. However, salaries shot up with two leagues competing for players, so the only teams to make a profit were the two champions, the Browns and the NFL Bears. The war was getting increasingly costly thanks to rising salaries and dropping attendance.