Eric Monte

Eric Monte

Eric Monte (born Kenneth Williams; December 25, is an American screenwriter who has written for and created notable shows depicting.
"Still Good Times: Eric Monte, The GodFather Of The Black TV Sitcom & Visionary BEhind Cooley High.
Eric Monte takes a call from his manager at his bunk in the homeless shelter where he lives. He feels he can make a comeback. A high school droput who made. Eric Monte

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So after all of that with Good Times, I wanted to prove to everyone Hollywood and the writers that I knew what I was doing. PrincessTiera: Using Her Pen to Express her Freedom. Drew: S Baker, Your father whom I've never heard of was probably the first... Industry information at your fingertips. Enhance your IMDb Page. Formed a writing partnership with Mike Evans , who played black neighbor Lionel Jefferson in "All in the Family" and together they came up with and created "Good Times. Eric Monte

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You Must Read This. MONTE: My living in the shelter and my being broke, I see that as a minor inconvenience. Eventually, Monte sold Lear on another one of his ideas, a program about a black family in Chicago. However, we all know that in any business industry, knowing the legal and business side of things is essential to your longevity, financial success, and reputation. All of the white writers wanted to do stereotypes and I refused. Now that I look back at it, he might not have been that big or that old, but he was definitely white. But considering the other obstacles Eric Monte has encountered in his life, homelessness seems almost mild. Cooley Vocational High School Writer for Good Times. Podcasts Blogs CNN mobile My profile E-mail alerts CNN shop Site map. Eric Monte would ignore what I suggested 1000cc sports bike take all that, "Yassuh Boss," stuff to the cast and John Amos and Ester Rolle would have a fit. In addition to those ground-breaking classics, he wrote an episode of In Living Color and Moesha.