Aces tattoo one piece

aces tattoo one piece

Duh, Obviously. If you didn't know something that obvious then are you sure you' re watching One Piece? Reply. Daniel · at.
You now on Sabo's arm it has the "A" Crossed out for Ace and on Ace's arm Even though he doesn't have an "A" in his arm he still put it there so he can have it.
So I've been thinking about Ace's tattoo lately [img] Now we all know what the 'S' means, but what about the 'C' with the strange dot in the Ace's tattoo and Luffy's, from OP Ultimania. If you want to point out something you spotted or want to discuss a scene, submit it as a self post. Rogerwas unable to touch him because of Whitebeard. Ace is shown during Luffy and Magellan's fight. Ace also fought evenly with Smoker for a few moments, who even Luffy has yet to beat. Ace first intervened to protect Luffy from Smoker in Nanohana.