Aa vs kk high stakes poker season 1

aa vs kk high stakes poker season 1

The Final Table - Season 1 Episode 4. 1 day ago · Table Talk High Stakes Poker Spotlight - Brian Hastings. 3 days ago . AA vs KK vs KK (Amazing hand!.
Enjoy this recap of High Stakes Poker Season 7 Episode 1. Clearly, Ruffin wasn't playing KK or AA or he would have raised more pre-flop.
High Stakes Poker is a cash game poker television program, which was broadcast by the cable The first season of High Stakes Poker, taped at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, was first . Antonius held A♤ J♢ and Gold had pocket K. After the 3♤ Q♢ 10♥ flop and K♥ turn, Antonius was a 1 favorite with his straight vs. Jamie Gold goes allin on High Stakes Poker

Aa vs kk high stakes poker season 1 - basketball

Originally Posted by Jourdain. Gold repeatedly stated that he had the best hand and that he checked because he didn't want to take more of Farha's money, but threatened to immediately call if Farha bet. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Million Dollar Cash Game -Season Five. Sponsored Full Tilt Poker pros were required to boycott the show this time around, as rival site PokerStars became its official sponsors. Find Threads Started by Onetwobit. Based on comments after the hand, Mike thought Hellmuth had a hand like Queens or Jacks which would explain the check on the flop. Puzzles and Other Games. High Stakes Poker logo. The Two Plus Two Bonus Program. It may surprise you to see how many hands Sammy should go all in .