Animals in space

Animals in space

When we think of astronauts, we think of humans. But there have been plenty of animals who have traveled in space as well. When we think of.
Before humans actually went into space, one of the prevailing theories of the perils of space flight was that humans might not be able to survive.
There are dozens of dead animals in space, but how did they get there? Find out why there are dead animals in space and what they contributed to space travel.

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Free aladdins wishes slot payouts missouri botanical garden Keep up to date on:. Shown here, a Lockheed D-21 squirrel monkey. Animal Justice Party Australia. Scientists had no idea whether creatures could even survive high altitude or radiation, so they sent insects, mammals and even primates nearly halfway to space. Stray dogs were used since Animals in space were thought to be capable of handling extreme cold.
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Some animals have been sent up as part of experiments designed by students, others by NASA and other countries. Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. Able and Baker were the first monkeys to make it back from space alive. Stuff You Should Know. Instead of sending people up in such a risky situation, the United States and Russia sent monkeys, chimps, dogs and other animals into space in order to analyze such effects.

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Pain and suffering in laboratory animals. To date, seven national space programs have flown animals into space: the Soviet Union , the United States , France , Argentina , China , Japan and Iran. Like HowStuffWorks on Facebook! Karl Tate, Infographics Artist. The Blossom capsule was ejected and successfully deployed its parachute. Stuff Mom Never Told You. 10 Animals Who Went To Space Animals in space