Hawaiian luau party ideas food

hawaiian luau party ideas food

Plan a hula-mazing menu for your luau party with our luau food ideas and luau Luau Cocktail Ideas Relax with simple recipes for Hawaiian cocktails and drink.
The Luau party dress code is, naturally, island gear: Hawaiian printed shirts, board shorts, a mu'umu'u, or a Pineapples & coconuts: double as food & decor!.
See More. 937. 98. Luau Party Food Ideas | made a sweet and spicy pineapple salsa to compliment the pork. Save Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Save. hawaiian luau party ideas food In a bowl, combine chopped rotisserie chicken, macadamia nuts, canned lychees, red grapes and just enough mayonnaise to bind. Make a DIY Oscar ballots: Cut two slits into printed stationery and slide in a pencil for each guest. Sand Pudding Parfaits - a delicious Golden Oreo dessert with layers of pudding cream. Fill bowls with snack-size candy bars, licorice and rock candy, and pile platters with unwrapped Hostess Twinkies and Ho Hos - treats even grown-ups have sweet memories of. Lure people outside with tubs of ice and drinks, and a small table of appetizers - maybe even one that isn't on the indoor menu.
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